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“M.eows! Meows! I’m stealing Noah’s laptop this week to write about Cat Health Month. Paws, the paw should remind people how suspicious we cats really are and of your responsibility for a healthy cat!

I think all people should celebrate their love for their cat by buying them an extraordinary toy, a couple of bags with the best cat treats, catnip, a new cat bed plush with the latest fancy cat pillows and bedding! Pawlace fresh water and food within easy reach! Meow, we will lie in our beds for the day while you, our humans, wait for us paws and paws for a day! Meows! Nothing is too good for Pawrecious Catsters!

Meow, paws, while some people mistake cats for individuals who don’t like cuddling, that’s not right! Cats, especially those as paw-like as I am, love to cuddle well. Spend time with your cat snuggling up on the couch to cuddle up. Pet, rub their bellies, stroke between their ears and enjoy the paw-like purr. You will be a much better person when you spend quality time with your cat. Purrs.

Cat Health Month is a great reminder to take your cute Catsterkins to the vet for an annual health check-up. An exam is meow helpful in protecting you from potential health problems with your cat. Detecting some health problems early on can prevent them from becoming serious. During the exam, make paws sensitive to get vaccinations and preventive measures updated. Meows and even domestic cats need to be vaccinated. Meowing, when you haven’t spayed or neutered your cute fluffykins, this is the perfect opportunity to show your love by letting you do it. Purring, examining your cat’s teeth and scheduling cleanings or surgery will result in a healthy mouth, which will result in a healthy cat.

Meow, did you know that obesity in cats is a big problem, no pun intended, in many domestic cats? Paws, obesity can lead to other more serious diseases like diabetes. A cat needs specially formulated food to be the best it can be. A discussion with a veterinarian provides good information on how to properly feed your cat if you follow them carefully. Keeping her weight off will make your cat healthier and happier. If you keep your cat active with games and exercise, your cat’s weight will also be maintained.

Paws, although my human did this before I started wondering about my new home taking over and ruling the paw like any big cat does, take the time to examine your home for possible poisonous houseplants. If you are unsure about plants, check them out online as there are tons of resources available! Purrs! Keep string, small objects, ribbon, and thread off the floor for a safer environment. If you are using string toys, do not allow play time unless you can monitor them as they can tangle or choke on them. Paws, use plastic toys and scratching posts.

Meows, keep an eye on your kitten, familiarize yourself with their habits, know how they react to circumstances or situations, and general behavior goes a long way towards keeping your cat healthy and happy! MEOWS! Meow!

My paw-like friend “Cat Lady” from PetConnect Rescue was brought in by a few friends who need “Forever Homes” with people in order to love whoever will love them.

Meet Holiday Fezziwig, a cute, lovable and prettiest black cat who is around 5 months old. Meow he is good with other cats and mini-people!

PetConnect Rescue - Holidays Fezziwig.png

Holidays Fezziwig

Meow, Duncan is almost 2 years old, good with dogs, cats and mini-people! He is loving and noise tolerant, especially like the shelter he came from. He will be a great companion as he loves to be petted and to hang out with people. Duncan is five+ but healthy. Research shows that five + cats can lead long, happy lives.



Miau, my handsome friend Dillion is about 13 years old! He wants a quiet, adults-only home to enjoy his retirement years! Purrs! He loves to take a nap in a sunny spot, sit on a warm lap and be gently petted. Paws, don’t be fooled, he’s playful too – he loves a game that is about toy hunting! He would love for a cat-loving human to call themselves and help them settle into their new home!

PetConnect Rescue - Dillon.png


Contact PetConnect Rescue at, email: [email protected], or call 1-877-838-9171.

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