KC Pet Project seeks volunteers to bottle feed kittens

KANSAS CITY, MO. – The KC Pet Project welcomed more kittens than ever this summer. And now the non-profit organization is looking for help with grooming and bottle-feeding the little cats.

“In 2020 we looked after around 2,500 cats and kittens, including a few months in which we sent 800 [to foster families] in a month, “said Tori Fugate, chief communications officer of the KC Pet Project.” We will have well over 4,000 cats and kittens this year. “

Fugate said one explanation for the increase in kittens was that during the pandemic, some vets limited their hours and many large spay and neuter clinics in the Kansas City area were put on hold. To make room in their shelters and to help bottle-feed the youngest kittens, the shelter relies on foster families until the animals can be adopted.

“A lot of people think that taking care of kittens takes a lot of qualifications, but there isn’t a lot that it takes,” said Fugate. “If you have a bedroom or bathroom that is underutilized and you just want to temporarily look after these kittens, they really just need a little space. We provide all supplies.”

Fostering, according to Fugate, is also a great bonding experience for families by teaching children how to care for pets while also helping to socialize kittens at an early age.

Fosters can help in a number of ways. You can take in and work with kittens from one to eight weeks of age – from those that need to be bottle-fed every two to three hours to caring for older kittens who can eat solid foods.

However, the KC Pet Project’s greatest need is bottle feeding, and they will host a bottle-fed kitten promotion event on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at the KC Pet Care campus, 7077 Elmwood Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri.

Interested parties can also apply online.

KC Pet Project also needs foster families willing to host large dogs. The shelter expects to receive more than 11,000 animals this year.

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