Owners of Good Karma Farmette toss lifeline to kittens


The owners and operators of Good Karma Farmette in Jackson recently did a good deed rescuing three kittens in neighboring Howell.

Brianne Moreski, 27, and Brandon Moreski, 29, own and operate Good Karma Farmette.

Brianne said she saw a post on Facebook on the morning of September 2 about a kitten found on a street in Howell.

“We replied afterwards (no other organizations replied). We know upper respiratory problems in kittens this young can be touchless and life threatening, so we got kitten # 1, whom we called Stinky Pete, and drove straight to the vet, ”Moreski said.

“We then got a message from a woman… who found kittens crying in the rain in her garden the night before. We told her to bring her to us because that’s what we do. …

“We found that these kittens were just streets away from where the first kitten was found, of the same age and with the same upper respiratory problems. Therefore, it can be assumed that they all belong to the same litter.” said Moreski.

“DR. Neil Bloom of Central Monmouth Animal Hospital told us to come over now,” she said with kitten # 1.

Later the other two kittens were weaned on the farmette.

Now “all three kittens who had eye infections are alive and well, with full bellies and completely medicated here on the farmette. As soon as she is informed by Dr. Bloom have been released, informed of their shots and neutered / neutered, they will only be adopted into good homes with a contract, ”Moreski said.

Good Karma Farmette offers yoga classes, Reiki, horse riding and a petting zoo. Beginners are very welcome.

“We also take in animals in need, but we are not a registered rescue. We do it with passion. We saved goats, chickens, ducks, horses, dogs, kittens and cats.

“Everything that needs to be rehabilitated or has no other home comes here, is socialized, becomes healthy, and if it does not stay here permanently, it is only available on contract to admitted adopters,” said Moreski.

She said that most of what the Farmette does is horse-focused and directed by Brielle Roman. Finding a home for horses is also a priority for Good Karma Farmette.

“We are currently working with Brielle Roman (Team Trot Trot) promoting the standard breed by coordinating adoptions … in the hope of finding a home forever. … We currently have five horses in this program with home interests and one horse that has just been adopted. The program is growing and adding more horses every week, ”said Moreski.

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