Proving doubters wrong by declawing the kittens

After months of anticipation, speculation and lots of trash talk from our northern neighbors, Georgia Football beat the Clemson Tigers.

In a first week showdown that had a significant impact on the playoffs, the Dawgs and Tigers renewed their old rivalry, with the Dawgs ahead of the game. Despite the constant claim to do less with more, Kirby Smart proved that he is indeed one of the top coaches in college football.

Smart’s defense was prepared and came into play. The mistaken tale that Smart is fighting to win big games has again been proven wrong. The only big matches that Smart’s team lost were Bama, LSU and Auburn, with the latter redeemed in the 2017 SEC championship.

If your last big game losses are to the greatest coach of all time and the last set of Tigers to win the Natty, it’s no wonder Georgia is being viewed as a legitimate title contender again, despite some schools and their fans so pretend otherwise.

Georgia Football had the better players and the better plan

Not only did Georgia have better staff, but it also had a better team last night. While some sites early on claimed that Clemson’s receivers, running backs, linebackers, defensive line, and specialty teams were more talented than Georgia, Charlotte showed that those claims were driven by overconfidence and perhaps just a little ego.

Led by Jordan Davis, the UGA defense line kept the heat on Clemson all night, allowing only 1 yard of rushing in the first half and a total of two rush yards for the entire game. Junkyard Dawg’s defense broke Clemson’s record of having the longest active series of goals in the first half.

The linebackers put on a good show too, with Nakobe Dean leading the way with two as the Dawgs posted 7 sacks, breaking the record for most sacks allowed under Dabo Swinney.

While the offense fought Clemson’s defense with multiple receivers, the Dawgs still proved why they continue to be called RBU, with four different running backs touching the ball and storming 121 yards together. JT Daniels threw the ball a little too, targeting freshman tight-end Brock Bowers several times, throwing a total of 135 yards.

And although Georgia’s offense didn’t go as expected, 256 yards with multiple receivers and injured offensive linemen isn’t too bad for the first game. Combining Georgia’s offensive stats with the offensive distance from Clemson’s previous three playoff games, and the Tigers have given up a total of 1,956 yards.

Georgia’s offensive may not have kept the Tiger’s defenses awake, but Clemson’s offensive line and lack of a running game are the stuff nightmares are made of and should keep fans hesitating on their next match outside of conference.

Even rubbing the rock couldn’t save her and her quarterback from Georgia’s nasty Front Seven. Forget great. That defense was elite. They dominated the game from start to finish, treating Clemson’s offensive line like a kitten to play with before being tossed aside. Security Chris Smith’s Pick-Six and the incredible seven sacks sealed the victory for the Dawgs.

Even if the two teams compete against each other again this season, they both have a long way to go to get there.

Clemson fans will need to retrace their off-season smack talk before redirecting and moving on to another shot in the playoff. Even after that defeat, Tiger fans will still think they deserve a place in the playoffs despite their poor ACC schedule. The good news is they have until December to come up with excuses.

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