Puppies & Kittens is here to fill the Nintendog-shaped hole in our lives

The Nintendogs-inspired game Puppies & Kittens will be released on October 28, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC.

As part of the My Universe game series, publisher Microids has introduced three new games that will soon appear on consoles, including a new pet simulation game that looks like it is heavily inspired by Nintendogs or Little Friends: Dogs & Cats.

Puppies & Kittens is just one of the new games being developed by It Matters Games, all of which come under the Microids Life label. In the game, players adopt a dog or cat from which they can choose from 20 different breeds, play mini-games to take care of their new pet, teach them tricks, and take them for walks to meet other pets.

If this seems like a familiar formula to you, that’s because it is. During the golden age of the Nintendo DS era, simulation games based on pet care, emerging careers, or life management were a huge hit as the Nintendo DS appealed to younger children and its touchscreen capabilities appealed to.

Puppies & Kittens was clearly based on Nintendo’s mega-popular pet care range Nintendogs, which we haven’t received since Nintendogs + Cats were released on Nintendo 3DS in 2011. Hey, if Nintendo doesn’t plan on making more Nintendogs games, someone has to do it.

The only thing left to do is decide what to call your good guys or girls …

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