The best cat furniture – South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Dooradar scratching post tower with condominium: available from Amazon
This large, luxurious cat tower is the perfect piece of furniture if you want to pamper your cat and give her a great place to scratch, climb, hide, rest and sit. It features enclosed houses, steps, claw material, multiple perches, hammocks, and more.

Catry cat bed with scratching post: available Amazon
This sturdy, easy-to-assemble cat furniture is perfect for a cat who needs a place to rest and scratch. The base has a scratching post, while the bed part sits on the post. This is a simple, cozy 2-in-1 piece, ideal if you are limited on space.

HOOBRO furniture for hidden litter boxes: available at Amazon
This unique cat furniture is ideal for those looking for a classic piece that will fit seamlessly into their home decor. It looks like a nice hardwood box. Your cat has access to the inside via a cat door, where there is enough space for a private litter box. You can easily put a blanket or bed (not included) on top of this piece for your cat to rest on. It also includes a small storage component that is great for storing cat litter or other cat items.

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