Unhappy golden retriever tries everything to get kittens off his bed – but fails

Hilarious footage captured an unfortunate Golden Retriever trying his best to get a pair of kittens out of his bed – to no avail.

The lovable Goldie Bailey has become an internet sensation in recent months thanks to his gentle manner with other pets in his home on the Costa del Sol, Spain.

A video recently shared on his dedicated YouTube channel, Funny Dog Bailey, shows the moment he discovered his favorite bed was stolen by two pesky kittens.

Bailey walks into a take at the beginning of the clip before giving a few barks to try to get rid of her.

His tactics have no effect on the cats, so he then tries to physically repel them.

Bailey looks unfazed at the kittens for stealing his bed

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Again, the smaller pets refuse to move, causing Bailey to fall out of bed in a gloomy mood.

In a final attempt to get his favorite spot back, he picks up the rug, but somehow the kittens still stay on it.

The adorable video has been viewed more than 200,000 times since it was released last week.

And viewers were left in the lurch at what they saw.

He tried to get rid of her by lifting the bed

He tried to get rid of her by lifting the bed

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“Cats are hilarious to me,” wrote one. “You can jump, run, and jump within a minute.

“But if they don’t want to move, they really don’t want to move.”

Another agreed, adding, “I love how they don’t move.”

Someone else wrote, “The cats are just chilling out while Bailey thinks about how to get them out of bed, lol.”

Bailey isn’t the only Goldie to go viral for his adorable antics in the past few weeks.

Bailey tries to repel the kittens

The puppy even tried to physically push her away – but was out of luck

Last week a cute puppy was filmed trying desperately to befriend a park’s “alpha dog” – but with little success.

And before that, the adorable reaction of a golden retriever when it was told that she had been adopted made the hearts of the internet melt.

Meanwhile, another grumpy pooch was filmed pouting in the back seat of a car after being denied her favorite Starbucks drink.

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