Weeks-old kittens rescued by RSPCA after being abandoned near North Yorkshire’s Bolton Abbey estate

The RSPCA says two kittens who are only a few weeks old are lucky enough to be alive after being abandoned by the roadside near the Bolton Abbey estate.

The charity rescued the animals after a member of the public came across them on the road to the North Yorkshire attraction earlier this week and then managed to put the pair safely in a crate.

People are asked to provide any information about how the male kittens – both ginger and white – were exposed.

Animal Rescue Inspector Catherine Maddison, who was dispatched to pick up the kittens, said, “They’re recovering well, but I want to find the person responsible for throwing them away like roadside trash.

“This is a busy area with tourists so I hope someone saw something suspicious.

“We were lucky they were found and needed veterinary treatment as they were both dirty and dewormed. They had dirt on their claws and faces and their ears were also dirty.

“One of them appeared to have urine burns near his paws, suggesting that they were kept in filthy conditions – and this has made me concerned about the kittens’ mother and all of the other siblings, so I am very interested in finding more Get information. “

She said they are both fine now and once the kittens are old enough they will be available for a new home.

Catherine added, “They are about seven weeks old and adorable little kittens so I am sure that once they are in better health they will find their home forever.”

Anyone with information should contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.

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